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Personal Injury

John Davies (all names have been changed): John had been referred to us through his legal practice after succeeding in his claim against the NHS for negligence at birth. The Court of Protection had appointed two deputies for the claim, one of which was John’s parent and the other from the legal practice. The deputies are responsible for acting in the best interests of Mr Davies with regards to any financial matters including the substantial settlement. A meeting was arranged with the two deputies so that his ongoing financial planning could be discussed.

The court had awarded John a substantial lump sum to be invested for the long term and periodic payments for the rest of his life. During the meeting with the deputies we discussed a financial plan that took into account Mr Davies’ periodic payments and an investment strategy for the lump sum. We were able to construct a plan that left both deputies assured that Mr Davies would be able to live comfortably knowing that his financial interests were looked after responsibly.

Sometime after the initial meeting, Mr Davies was considering a change of residence as his current home was not suitable for his everyday needs. Once again a meeting was arranged with the deputies so that we could carefully consider all the options available to Mr Davies. After the meeting, a report was sent to the deputies advising on what an affordable budget for the new property was and how the capital withdrawal could be constructed from Mr Davies’ existing portfolio.