Our investment beliefs

All client needs are individual and different and therefore need a bespoke approach.

We work with you on an advisory basis rather than taking over your funds and making our decisions without reference to you. Our clients are able to be as involved as they wish with the detail behind their portfolios.

No-one can accurately predict or forecast the events that shape the economic and political climate accurately and regularly. A good investment strategy needs to be broad, robust and diverse in order to cope with unexpected shocks. We believe that attitude to risk should be discussed in the context of all parties having a clear understanding of the returns needed from a portfolio in order to meet their agreed goals. These returns usually, having been calculated by completion of a very detailed lifetime cash flow forecast where the client is actively involved at every stage so that the numbers contained within it are robust.

Managing risk is a key element of our work. We work with you to ensure we understand all of the key financial risks you face and consider the best way of mitigating them.

The expected timeframe for each holding or segment of the portfolio will provide a strong indication of the appropriate level of risk along with other factors of course. Understanding the future pattern of clients need for capital is essential in constructing a portfolio that will be correct for each client. We believe that diversity within a portfolio means exposure to the key major asset classes and also inclusion of less mainstream asset classes such as currencies, managed futures and private equity. We also include a range of styles and approaches, for example passive versus active, to allow for the fact that some will work better than others at different times.

The impact of cost on a portfolio is huge. Our goal is to deliver value to our clients within a sustainable business model for us. We achieve this by charging 0.5% on an annual basis which generally includes the cost of all ongoing financial planning work including the management and monitoring of the portfolio. This is well below the current market norm of typically a 1% p.a. fee, often with transaction charges too.