Life planning

We will take the time to find out what money means to you. We aim to help you use your money to achieve the things in life that are important to you.

Working with a team of people who understand you and your attitude to life and money allows you to make really good financial decisions.

We can help with all sorts of areas such as:
  • When and to what extent you should help out your children financially.
  • How to balance between spending and enjoying life now against saving for long term security.
  • Consideration of property issues; affording a house move or a major renovation or buying a second home, or gifting property.
  • Thinking about major career changes, reducing work, retiring or changing direction and understanding the impact on your wealth.
Members of our team hold the international Certified Financial Planner qualification which is the leading formal qualification for advisers working in this field.

The skill of Life Planning involves developing and improving communication between clients and planner to find ways of understanding what is really important to them.

Being able to listen to our clients, giving them the space to explore what is important in their lives is beneficial in building up trust and creating a more valuable relationship.

Sometimes financial advisers tend to be good at talking, but less good at listening. Financial Planners however appreciate that they can achieve the best results by really listening to their clients.