Our fees

We provide a highly qualified & professional investment service at a sensible cost.

We have been fee based since inception over 20 years ago.

We are always happy to have an initial meeting or telephone assessment to give a clear guide to the expected level of our charges. For financial planning work not immediately related to the investment of a lump sum, a charge is calculated at an hourly rate. The rate charged is based upon the qualifications and experience of the adviser or support staff dealing with the different aspects of implementing and reviewing the financial plan.

Heron House Financial Management is focused on delivering value for money. Our financial planning advice and services will sometimes pay for themselves. Please see examples on our News & Press Files page. Investment portfolio set-up charges are normally based on the value of the invested sum. Fees typically vary for new investment sums from
1% to 3%, depending upon the complexity of the advice required and the amount invested.

Each client has a lead adviser with at least twenty years experience, and access to a dedicated client team to assist them with their affairs.

We are usually able, within this charge, to create and implement a full financial
plan. For ongoing wealth management and financial plan review services, we
generally charge a 0.5% annual management fee. The typical fee for this with
many similar firms is 1% p.a.

The annual management fee covers the cost of an annual meeting, revised asset.
allocation work leading to carrying out any necessary fund switches, and it usually
covers all necessary financial planning work too. If additional hourly rates apply,
these will always be discussed in advance.