Our Team

We understand you want easy access to someone who knows and understands your financial affairs. That is why we take a team approach to everything we do. Come to Heron House and you will be assigned a small team of experienced people who will understand your financial picture and assist with organising your affairs. Over time, they will become your trusted team.

Many of us are Chartered Financial Planners and Chartered Wealth Managers. When you see the word 'chartered' you can be sure that we are professionally qualified and committed to the highest levels of technical knowledge and competence. It also shows that we have signed up to a professional code of ethics which if broken, has severe disciplinary sanctions.

We will happily work alongside your other professional advisers such as your accountant and solicitor to ensure we are all heading in the same direction.

Our team of highly qualified planners and researchers are available to undertake independent work relating to investments, estate and trust planning and retirement planning, at a very cost-effective hourly rate. We are very fortunate to have a range of specialist skills within our team and to offer expertise across the whole financial planning spectrum.

Technical Support Team - The members of the technical support team are responsible for supporting the financial planners and their clients. Their roles are; preparing reports, client reviews and financial plans for our varied clients. This involves them in direct contact with clients and each will have a full list of clients with whom they build long term relationships and so they are often the first point of contact for day to day issues.

Investment Committee Team - The members of the investment committee team, which involve the whole technical and advisory team, meet quarterly to review our preferred fund list in light of changes to the global economy. We assess how our selected fund managers have reacted to those changes by adjusting the asset allocation of their funds. Performance is reviewed on a risk related basis to determine who remains on the list.

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